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Hey everyone, I'm Jasper.

I've been solving problems my whole life and writing code since 2012. I love web applications, creative design, simple meaningful UX animations, every kind of front-end web development, websites that make sense, full-stack development, solving challenging problems, and accomplishing tasks through people.

I'm a Full Stack Developer, which means I love to build web applications from the ground up. I really thrive when I can spend a lot of time writing the front-end code of applications. I picked up great initial training at the Iron Yard by going through a pretty grueling 12-week intensive front-end course. Now I enjoy working with a bunch of inventors, creators, hooligans, and entrepreneurs at AltasLocal. I'd love for you to see what I've been up to professionally, so check it out.Be sure to ask me about some clients I've worked with at previous companies. Online Resume

Let's turn problems into solutions in really creative ways.
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I believe that we can turn problems into solutions in really creative ways. No matter the complexity, I'm here to lend a hand. I'm available for freelance, contract, or full-time work and can help turn your idea into code. Call or Email me.